Intelligent product design: three key points of character setting

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Intelligent product design direction with voice interaction as the core function

We will eventually communicate with machines in a natural way. In the design direction of intelligent products with voice interaction as the core function, the design suggestions set by characters are

① Human design is to serve users;

Human design is an advanced virtual image design, which is not formulated by the designer's personal preferences. We should fully consider the target users served by the product. For example, patients want to see expert doctors, passengers want to get the sweet service of stewardess, and diners want the waiter to be hospitable. These images are lifelike in our minds.

For example, Amazon echo is an image of mature professional women (such as Google home, tmall elf, Jingdong dingdong, etc.), olly gives people a sense of fashion design, and they set images for their respective target audience groups.

② Human design can be conveyed through abstract methods, not necessarily concrete;

For example, Xiaomi smart speaker defines "Xiaoai classmate" as a secondary image. It made a limited edition manual at the end of November this year to land the image into concrete physical objects.

In this regard, different people have different opinions. Some people say that she is not the "little love" in her mind. Therefore, in the communication of human image, we suggest that the purpose can be achieved through artistic means, such as packaging with music, painting, literature, film and other arts, abstracting them into a set of vision to convey, so as to achieve the realm of "no one in the empty mountain, but hearing the voice of people".

③ Human design and products should be considered as one;

For intelligent products with voice interaction as the core function, its "human voice" will enable users to automatically associate the corresponding image. At the same time, it needs to be matched with the appearance to meet users' expectations.

Some intelligent products have action output. For example, the human device is defined as a stupid Jibo, and its action should be interesting and lovely.

If it is not considered carefully, it will lead to cognitive imbalance. For example, when a small fish is at home, when the user asks how old it is, it answers "I'm two years old this year" with the voice of a mature woman, while Amazon echo's answer is "I'm two years old according to the age of human birth".

The latter is more acceptable and understandable. Even a trivial sentence may make users "play", so people should consider it integrated with the information output level of the whole product.