Design intelligent products in six dimensions

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We will eventually communicate with machines in a natural way

At the 2012 Sundance Independent Film Festival, the film robot and frank won a special award. The film tells the story of robot taking care of frank with Alzheimer's disease. Two pictures are selected from the film, one is the communication between people and the other is the communication between people and machines.

In the hot year of AI in 2017, whether people can communicate with machines in a human-to-human manner like Frank in the film is defined as "human-computer natural interaction" in the Department of human-computer interaction.

What is natural interaction? In short, it is to interact with the computer in the way of daily communication. What is the way of daily communication? People communicate and interact through voice, body, gesture, eyes, expression and other forms.

Human computer interaction is taking a new step

The development of human computer interaction (HCI) is a process from human adaptation to computer to computer adaptation to human beings. It is divided into four stages: code instruction interaction, graphical user interface interaction, human-computer natural interaction and human-computer emotional interaction【 Quoted from human-computer emotional interaction]

The development of each stage is based on technology, which makes the human-computer interaction more intuitive and closer to the natural interaction between people. At the same time, it will broaden more use scenarios and cover all people of all ages.

Instructions - professional technicians operate early computers; Mouse and keyboard - educated ordinary people use PC to study and work; Touch screen – more people use smart phones for social networking, information, entertainment, etc; Natural interaction – everyone will interact with intelligent products in a natural way.

With the development of AI technology, the ability of intelligent products at the perception level is becoming stronger. It can perceive people's voice, body language, gestures, expressions and eyes, and realize the possibility of human-computer natural interaction. This is what is happening.

The trend of intelligent products in the future is to have affective computing ability. By recognizing human voice information, facial expressions and body movements, they can adjust their own feedback to meet the needs put forward by people at that moment. Interaction will become easier and easier, and it will understand you better.

Intelligent products can perceive people's natural actions and read people's emotions, which belong to the level of information input.

At the information output level, how can intelligent products be designed to achieve the feeling of "natural communication between people". Therefore, we will design from six dimensions, namely character setting, appearance modeling, voice, action, interface and light effect. Just like the other person's temper, personality, appearance impression, sound characteristics, body language, expression and eyes when communicating with each other.