Door window switch sensor

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Real time monitoring door and window opening and closing are the escort of your family safety, and the door and window switch sensor is installed in the door and window, drawer and other positions, and the opening and closing status are monitored in real time, and the alarm warning and intelligent scene linkage are realized by linkage with gateway.

1. Simple and fashionable, real time monitoring

Exquisite and small, not occupying space, naturally integrated into various home environment, with gateway real-time monitoring of door and window switch status. When home security is started, the door and window sensor magnet is closed to a safe state, and the door and window sensor magnet will be released and an alarm will be given immediately.

2. Remote control, prompt warning of abnormal conditions

When the thief sneaks into the home, your mobile app will receive the alarm alert immediately; It is not sure whether the door and window are closed, and it can be confirmed by mobile app.

3. Professional anti demolition design, more comfortable to use

Anti demolition and skid prevention. Once the thief is dismantled violently, it will call the police immediately, and guard it with close care to create a safe life. When the door and window sensor is removed, the alarm signal will be sent immediately. The gateway will directly alert the alarm through app after receiving the signal.

4. Open the door to enjoy a comfortable life

At night, go home, open the door, the light will be on automatically, the curtain will open automatically, the living room audio equipment will be on, the background music will be played, and the beautiful life will be on.

5. Linkage sound and light alarm to scare the intruder away

When the thief sneaks into the house, the door and window switch sensor senses that the door and window are opened, and the alarm message will be transmitted through the gateway. The sound and light alarm will send out 85dB high dB sound and light alarm immediately to scare away the thief.

6. Excellent quality, ingenuity casting

The high performance and low power microprocessor is adopted. Under normal use, the battery life is up to 1 year, and it does not need to replace the battery frequently; ABS fire-retardant material is selected, which has the characteristics of shock resistance, heat resistance and high temperature resistance.

Smart house, open a good life

Door and window switch sensor can be combined with infrared human body mobile sensor, smoke sensor and other products to realize more intelligent scene linkage, and create a more safe, healthy, comfortable and convenient intelligent life in the whole room.

Product installation tips:

A . do not install in outdoor, foundation is not firm or there is rain.

. do not place magnetic metal or other objects near the door and window sensor to avoid interfering with the sensor operation.

C . when installing, the surface contacting with double-sided adhesive shall be smooth, flat, dry and clean.