Smart buttons guard family safety

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Contemporary alarms are becoming more and more intelligent. When the elderly or children have an emergency, press the emergency button, and the alarm information will be immediately pushed to the mobile app, so that the family can know and rescue in time! Especially for the aging modern society, it is very practical and effective, which can make young people more comfortable to work outside!

SINCES strive to make life safer and more convenient through intelligent devices, constantly optimize product experience and better serve users!


1、 Simple design! Old people and children can get started easily!

Simple operation, one button can alarm, the elderly and children can easily master; It also has the function of low power prompt. When the power is too low, it can push the alarm information to the mobile phone app in time, which is convenient to replace the battery in time and prevent accidents!


2、 Fashionable and beautiful, tool free installation!

It is compact and does not occupy space. It can be freely placed on the bedside table and desktop. It can also be directly pasted on the walls of living room, bedroom and toilet with 3M glue. The operation is simple and convenient, allowing you to quickly layout family security!


3、 Linkage audible and visual alarm, on-site alarm!

When the elderly have an emergency at home, just press the middle button. After the audible and visual alarm receives the signal, it will immediately send out a high decibel audible and visual alarm, so that the family can know and take rescue at the first time. Add a guarantee for your family safety!


4、 One key switch lighting appliances

Multifunctional smart buttons make your life more convenient! You can set different linkage scenarios through three actions: click, double-click and long press. For example, click to switch on and off the bedroom light, double-click to switch on and off the living room light, and long press to turn off all home appliances.


5、 Ingenuity, quality and safety

It adopts high-performance and low-power processor. Under normal use, the battery life is up to 1 year without frequent battery replacement; ABS fireproof and flame retardant material is preferred, which has the characteristics of impact resistance, heat resistance and high temperature resistance.


Whole house intelligence, open a better life!

The emergency button can be combined with wireless smoke sensor, gas leakage sensor, door and window sensor, water immersion sensor and other products to achieve more intelligent scene linkage and create a safe, healthy, comfortable and convenient intelligent life in the whole house.