Five advantages of intelligent sensor

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           As a tool for human to obtain information, intelligent sensor is an important part of modern information technology. It is no exaggeration to say that smart sensors can achieve as much as there is a market for the Internet of things in the future. So what are the advantages of intelligent sensors?

          Generally speaking, intelligent sensors can be divided into three types: sensors with judgment ability; Sensors with learning ability; Creative sensors.

          Generally speaking, no matter what type of intelligent sensor, it includes the following basic functions:

·Self compensation ability

          The nonlinearity, temperature drift, time drift and response time of the sensor are automatically compensated by software.

·Self calibration function

          After the operator inputs zero value or a certain standard value, the self calibration software can automatically calibrate the sensor online.

·Self diagnosis function

         After the power is turned on, the sensor can be self checked to check whether all parts of the sensor are normal, and the faulty parts can be diagnosed.

·Numerical processing function

         It can automatically process data according to the internal program of intelligent sensor, such as statistical processing, eliminating outliers and so on.

·Two way communication function

         The microprocessor can not only receive and process the data of the sensor, but also feed back the information to the sensor to adjust and control the measurement process.

·Information storage and memory function

         Intelligent sensor can store a large amount of information data, users can query at any time. The information may include historical information of the device. For example, how many hours the sensor has worked, how many times the power supply has been replaced, etc. The content size is only limited by the storage capacity of the smart sensor itself.

         With the development of science and technology, the function of intelligent sensor will be gradually enhanced: it will make use of artificial neural network, artificial intelligence, information processing technology (such as sensor information fusion technology, fuzzy theory, etc.) to make the sensor have more advanced intelligence, analysis, judgment, adaptive, self-learning functions, which can complete image recognition, feature detection, image recognition, image recognition, image recognition and so on Multi dimensional detection and other complex tasks.