What is intelligent sensor?

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What is a sensor? Human beings understand the world through various sensory systems, such as touch, smell and taste. We know that it is an orange carrot with a green hat through vision; Through taste, you can taste carrot silk.


Sensors are the sense of touch, smell and taste of objects. It can make the object feel the measured signal and convert the input signal into the output signal according to certain rules. If the robot is hit, the pressure is the input signal. According to its own rules, the sensor changes it into a signal that the head can understand, and the head will respond to the output signal.

The output signal often refers to the electrical signal, which can be voltage or current, and can be easily transmitted and controlled, and can be easily transmitted, processed and stored. Sensors are generally composed of sensitive elements and conversion elements.

The application of sensor in life! According to the principle classification, there are ultrasonic, ultraviolet, electricity, magnetic and acceleration sensors and so on. Different principles of sensors will also bring differences in the use effect. Nowadays, the use of sensors has been very extensive, we need to choose sensors in a specific environment.

Application sensor: motion sensor, environment sensor, physiological health sensor;

Smart home appliance application sensors: water leak detector ,human infrared sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, smoke sensor, water immersion sensor, door magnetic sensor, etc.

With the improvement of technology, sensors are becoming more and more miniaturized, multifunctional and intelligent. I believe that with the development, there will be more cash sensors, which will bring more convenience to our lives.