Standard Process Management

Create a "double" standard system (standard process, standard working hours), quality and quantity production

  • Raw Material Warehouse

  • SMT

  • AOI

  • DIP

  • FT Detection

  • Aging/calibration

  • Packaging

  • QA

  • Product Warehouse

  • Incoming Material Quality Control

A Complete Range of Professional Equipment

The Introduction of Professional Production, Testing Equipment, To Ensure The Accuracy of Product Processing, Product Production Consistency


The production workshop, production equipment, packaging equipment, calibration equipment, testing equipment, etc. are all available in a full range of automated production equipment. The core equipment is imported from Germany, Japan, etc.; to ensure product consistency, improve sensor production capacity and achieve high product quality. Precision.

Comprehensive testing, stable and reliable

17 Types of Tests, 145 Test Cases

1. Electrostatic test, surge test, pulse test, withstand voltage test, button life test;
2. Smoke test, high temperature test, low temperature test, high and low temperature cycle test, drop test, vibration test;
3. Wireless RF test, current test, power test.
4. Smoke concentration test, gas calibration and concentration test, infrared distance and angle test